Survivors’ Reflection

Concupiscent thieves

Confidence tricksters



A Moment’s Presence!


Horrific Ordeals

Drawn Unimaginable Nightmares

Not again



Violated Situations

“Prolonged … Vile

… Depraved”

“Terrorised …

Impact … Incalculable”


Savage dreams

Memories Pain

Hurt Devastation

Enduring violations


Comfortable hearing?

Thrown off guard?

No reminders –



Carry that burden?

Frightened Disregard


Women’s Scars

Wound Eve

Expelled Garden


Healing Voice

Speaks Intuit


Compassion Listen

Regard Present –

Positive + Unconditioned


Dwelling Deep

Resurfacing Within



Strengthened Fulfilment

Light Wisdom

Stilling Peace

Speaks Water



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