A Womb Cleansing

He says –

“Well, this makes a change

You look…

content and uplifted…

Wait a minute!

You have a glow…

No, it can’t happen…

I will not allow it”

he storms.


“Let me just put my hand


find your womb,

you won’t feel a thing,

no pain”

“That’s it…now hold still!”

he says.


I’m still and calm,

awaiting your ‘procedure’,

frightened yet longing

you won’t.

I know what you are about to do

and I am like stone –


“There will be no children of mine!”


You had no right

to wound my womb,

a punch in the lower abdomen,

quick yet specific,

“no pain or tears”, he said.


I was content and aglow when

the true LIGHT

revealing my path,

showed me the way to help YOU

on the path of PEACE,

not because I was with child.


Five years later the cancer circles my cervix,

“You sure you don’t want children…?”

the Dr says,

lasers zapping the ring of flesh,

“you can’t…after this…

but I got the cancer cells.”


Now my children reach far and near,

scattered, tortured, oppressed and victimised,

thirsting with hunger and yet silent,

for now!


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