We are free to…

We are free from…

We are free for…

We are given freedom as a gift.


Freedom is contradictory in his words

The flesh, the mind, the soul

Each fighting to release its own

All three restricting each other in the battle for freedom

All within the one

Not trusting of the others.


External freedom is different

Only when we feel peace inside

Will we experience freedom

From the constraints of society

Its restrictions binding

Limiting by force, the free spirit within us.


The spirit that speaks through the soul

That wins through the limitations of the flesh in body

The soul that is called to the wild

To the wilderness.

There it meets with openness

The societal constraints silenced

From within this silence the soul is released


 The soul is free

Not the flesh or the mind

The soul prevails in infinity

The mind mediates for reason

And the flesh

It sighs with defeat.    




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