Silent No More

#endthesilence #reclaimthenight #rapeculture #wheniwas 15 I was brutally gang-raped over a period of 4-5 hours and left for dead by local feral yobs with 3 females present too, repeatedly molested during the following year by same and other village yobs, shouted at and ridiculed by village gossips before I eventually left with my Mum’s help when I was 17 to start college. At a college night-out fearing a group of male students, I approached the student rep who was an older male who proceeded to rape me, taking advantage because this time I was intoxicated with alcohol. I was molested by an adult male when I was 18, another person who I should have been able to trust. In my 30s I found myself in an abusive relationship that still has me looking round every corner. Although relatively successful in my career, my efforts to speak out – first for help and then against the injustice – have been met with ridicule, further humiliation and shame and have received little validation and as a result I have developed chronic pain and illnesses. I now paint and write poetry to extinguish the rage yet I am content mostly and enjoy the quiet of my mind in moments of silence. There is nothing more they can do to me, nothing I haven’t heard and anything they may say can only lift me further in my spiritual searching for meaning. I have been honoured to have met a few supportive people on this journey so far who have helped lift me out of despair and into the light, may these special people continue to forever look out for the ones who are hurt and wounded x


One thought on “Silent No More”

  1. Thank you for finding the courage to express your terrible experiences. No one should have to go through what you have. Yet, here you are shining the light on these life changing instances in such grace. Thank you for your openness in sharing x

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